These 5 Halloween Makeup
Transformations Are MIND-BLOWING


Halloween only comes along once a year… make it count with a full face makeup transformation from our artists at Rouge Salons! With makeup trials and night-of appointments, your costume will have everyone talking until next year.

You wouldn't be caught dead in bad makeup, especially not on Halloween! With extreme contouring and shadowing, makeup can be used to create a terrifyingly lifelike skeleton costume.

Doe not let another year go by with bad Halloween makeup! We’ll help you create that perfect party animal makeup that’ll have you looking like a million bucks.

Get cultural and colorful with Chinese Opera inspired Halloween makeup!

Shatter your Halloween expectations by turning your face into a Broken Mirror! Don’t worry- we have a feeling this costume will bring you good luck ‘til next year.

Feeling feline? From full leopard face to Grumpy Cat, we can take your costume to the next level with a purr-fect makeup look.

Want even more?

Check out more Halloween looks and costume inspiration from Rouge Makeup Salons.

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