I Searched My Whole Life
To Find The Perfect Lipstick - But This Is It

And no, you're not finding it at Sephora.

Fun fact: I spend way too many hours in Sephora, sifting through countless lipsticks to find the perfect color, only to leave empty-handed or even worse... settling for a shade I'm not in love with.

That is, until I went to Rouge Makeup Salons’ Custom Makeup Bar in New York City. I had one goal: find the perfect red lipstick that makes me want to leave singing Taylor Swift’s "Style."

At their salon, I gushed to the makeup artist about my dream shade. Once she had an idea of what I expected (even though I wasn’t sure that I even knew exactly what my perfect shade would look like), she started mixing a bunch of powders in a test tube.

Cue my flashbacks to high school chemistry… except making lipstick was 10/10 better than making a chemical concoction.

I got to choose every element of my lipstick- color, pigment, texture, finish and even aroma!

The artist applied the color for me to make sure it was the EXACT shade I wanted.

They then poured my mixture into a lipstick mold where it literally solidified right in front of me.

The end result? A custom makeup experience that left me feeling like an absolute kween in my one-of-a-kind lipstick that was made JUST FOR ME!!!

Ready to make your own customized lipstick? Book an appointment at Rouge Makeup Salons now!